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Cedar Ridge Siding in Charlotte, NC

Cedar Ridge Siding

Energy Savings in Siding?

Absolutely! Cedar Ridge features an unprecedented 4R value. 1R value is equivalent to the insulation value of one inch of wood. With Cedar Ridge, you are essentially sealing your home with as much insulation as four inches of wood. Cedar Ridge’s many components work together to provide such energy savings.

Quiet, Please

Cedar Ridge vinyl siding will work to quiet your home from external nuisances as its noise reduction properties are approximately 45 percent greater than generic vinyl siding. The noise canceling technology from the rigid core backing of Cedar Ridge siding absorbs and breaks down sound, allowing you to live in quiet comfort and peace.

Durable and Almost Indestructible

Cedar Ridge has proven 300 percent stronger than vinyl siding and leverages a yield strength that is equivalent to 1/8” piece of aluminum. This advanced technology also provides superb resistance to extreme temperature fluctuations by maintaining the same strength regardless of temperature — making it ideal for your home application.

Interchangeable Components: Dozens of Options

The innovations in the Cedar Ridge siding system extend into the several molding and corner post options. With interchangeable corner post colors, your system can provide many decorating options very easily. Attractive crown molding can also be used to provide additional allure and distinction to your home.

Seams or Fewer Seams?

Siding With Seams | Cedar Ridge Siding

Regular length hollow back siding = shortcuts to savings!

Siding With Fewer Seams | Cedar Ridge Siding

Extended 16’8” lengths offer you the beauty you want at the price you can afford!

Our Colors

A New Paradigm

The fact is, water gets behind all siding products. Cedar Ridge siding is designed to be able to channel water away from your home and out through the moisture control system in order to help ensure a healthy home for you and your family.

Numerous attempts have been made to improve home siding over the years. We have moved from aluminum to plastic vinyl and even seamless construction. Each step has successfully bettered the next. Cedar Ridge is no exception.

Composite Construction

Cedar Ridge is a composite. Only Cedar siding gives you the space-aged Lexstar™. This exclusive formulation is the “skin” that locks out weather, wind, sun, and time and locks in the natural beauty.

As beautiful as it is resilient, composite cedar siding features several engineered components that work together to provide your home with a quantifiable improvement.

How Good is the System?

With Cedar Ridge, numerous technologies come together to provide substantial benefits for your home. Specifically, homeowners can expect 20 percent energy savings, a 45 percent reduction in ambient noise and an exceptional lifetime promise to back our value proposition.

Cedar Ridge Insulated Siding

Cedar Ridge® insulated siding EXCLUSIVE Double 7” & Double 7” XL panels (12’ 4” thru 16’8”)  has all the characteristics and industry-leading benefits to create an exterior that’s energy efficient, incredibly durable and 100 percent for you.


  • Hand-milled cedar-grain finish
  • Seamless finish
  • Maintenance free — no painting or scraping
  • Neopor® from BASF SE engineered to improve thermal performance and keep moisture out
  • Neopor also adds up to a 19 percent higher R-value depending on profile
  • Only insulated siding with molded foam essential to a complete moisture management system — available in most styles
  • Only backer foam with moisture management ridges that leave space for ventilation
  • Patented TXL™ lamination technology creates a 200 percent stronger bond between panel and foam
  • 240 percent more impact resistant than fiber cement
  • Wind resistant up to 200 mph
  • Reduces noise by up to 45 percent
  • Available in Double 7”& Double 7” XL Panels with lengths 12’ 4” thru 16’8” to limit unsightly seams, and Board n’ Batten profiles

  • Available in up to 24 beautiful cedar ridge siding colors
  • Corner, window and door trim complement any Cedar Ridge style
  • Creates a totally connected, finished look
  • Trim available in up to 17 curb-appealing colors
  • Life of the Home limited warranty

Traditional Wood Feel with a Modern Touch

If you want the look and feel of traditional wood siding but want to take advantage of today’s technology, then Cedar Ridge composite siding is right for you. Whatever your design requirements, Cedar siding has newer, better and more attractive options for your home.

Call For Cedar Ridge Siding

In addition to offering Cedar Ridge siding, Affordable Siding/Windows takes pride in presenting James Hardie siding as an equally excellent alternative for all your siding requirements. With our wide array of high-quality options, we are committed to providing you with the best choices for enhancing the appearance and durability of your home. If you are interested in exploring our siding solutions further, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.