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Window Replacement and Installation in Charlotte, NC

Window Options for Every Home

Put an end to your quest for “window replacement near me.” When it comes to style, design, and engineering, no one does it better than our window contractor at Affordable Siding/Windows. Aside from roofing, we also offer home window replacement. Visit us for great-looking replacement windows with exceptional thermal performance at affordable prices. All of our windows are designed to make your home more comfortable in all seasons and all temperatures while saving you money every day of the year! Reach out to us today for information on our window replacement cost.

A Large Window | Window Installation


A Small Window | Window Installation


Double Hung Windows

A Closed Double Hung Window | Window Replacement

Give your home added beauty and optimal airflow with both bottom-up or top-down opening options from your double-hung windows at Affordable Siding/Windows.

Picture Windows

A Home With Double Hung Windows | Window Replacement

Add to the elegance and beauty of your home with a picture window installation service that will give your home better visibility and natural light from your surroundings.

Casement Windows

Affordable Casement Window

Expand your viewing options with a casement window installation from Affordable Siding/Windows that allows you to fully open and close your windows for better functionality.

Slider Windows

Affordable Sliding Window

Double Slider windows allow you to experience the “full view” and functionality that you need from your home windows without unsightly meeting rails taking up precious viewing space.

Specialty Shaped Windows

Affordable Specialty Shape Window

We provide a variety of Wincore window shapes including half round, half round with leg, eyebrow, eyebrow with leg and trapezoids.

Bay and Bow Windows

Affordable Bay Window

Bay and Bow windows offer expanded views of outdoor spaces while creating inviting areas for sitting and relaxing. Bay and Bow windows welcome more natural light and seemingly expanded interior spaces.

Don’t be Fooled by Foam-Filled Frames!

Foam filling of vinyl window frames appears to add insulation to the window unit, but in reality, foam filling requires the frames to be virtually hollow with large pockets of space to inject the foam into. These larger spaces reduce the structural integrity of the window.

In addition, because the foam deteriorates over time, homeowners are left with windows that do not achieve maximum energy efficiency. By utilizing many small honeycombed chambers throughout the frames that act like small pockets of insulation, NRGSMART vinyl windows stay strong throughout the life of the window. The numbers don’t lie!

Let the Light in

At Affordable Siding/Windows, we understand the importance of having windows that not only look great but also function well. Our commitment to delivering top-notch quality, design, and engineering is unmatched in the industry. Our windows are designed to meet the unique requirements of every home, no matter the style, size, or location.

Therefore, if you’re looking to add more natural light and beauty to your home, call our team at Affordable Siding/Windows. In addition to our comprehensive window replacement services, we are proud to extend our expertise to top-notch door installation. Whether you aim to brighten your living spaces or elevate your home’s aesthetic appeal, our professionals are here to assist you every step of the way.