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Should I Replace My Home’s Siding or Windows First?

Deciding which part of your home you should upgrade first can be quite challenging, especially if you have limited time and budget. Whenever siding and windows show signs of wear, there’s a debate about which of the two should be restored first. This blog will help you decide which should be prioritized.


Prioritizing Home Window Replacement

The majority of specialists in exterior remodeling concur that you should replace your windows and siding at the same time. However, if that’s not possible, it’s advisable to do the window installation first and the new siding next.

When windows are installed first, their metal caps are positioned correctly, ensuring that the siding covers them properly. Capping allows an additional protective cover, often made of aluminum, to be added to exposed exterior frames during home window replacement. By ensuring that the metal caps are placed correctly, you are making a wise investment in the longevity and appearance of your windows and siding.


Replacing Home Siding First

If you install the siding first, be aware that removing the old siding can harm your old window caps. Doing this might require you to recap your windows, which adds extra expense to the installation. The cost of doing this could exceed a few hundred dollars, depending on the number of windows you have.

Furthermore, having the siding installed before new windows with moisture barriers may result in added costs. This is because the installed siding obstructs proper barrier installation, necessitating the removal of some of its components.


Choosing Your Priority

Before making a choice, decide what is more important: installing new siding or construction windows. It’s better to take care of the siding first if you believe it to be in a poorer condition than your windows. Now, if neither is a priority, you may wait until you have the funds to have them done at the same time.


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